Pulsed Microwave Technology – Voice to Skull or other Sounds to Skull was Discovered during World War II

Pulsed Microwave Technology
Pulsed microwave voice-to-skull (or other-sound-to-skull) transmission was discovered during
World War II by radar technicians who found they could hear the buzz of the train of pulses
being transmitted by radar equipment they were working on. This phenomenon has been studied
extensively by Dr. Allan Frey, (Willow Grove, 1965) whose work has been published in a
number of reference books.
What Dr. Frey found was that single pulses of microwave could be heard by some people as
”pops” or ”clicks”, while a train of uniform pulses could be heard as a buzz, without benefit of
any type of receiver.
Dr. Frey also found that a wide range of frequencies, as low as 125 MHz (well below
microwave) worked for some combination of pulse power and pulse width. Detailed unclassified
studies mapped out those frequencies and pulse characteristics which are optimum for generation
of ”microwave hearing”.
Very significantly, when discussing electronic mind control, is the fact that the peak pulse power
required is modest – something like 0.3 watts per square centimeter of skull surface, and that this
power level is only applied or needed for a very small percentage of each pulse’s cycle time. 0.3-
watts/sq cm is about what you get under a 250-watt heat lamp at a distance of one meter. It is
not a lot of power.
When you take into account that the pulse train is off (no signal) for most of each cycle, the
average power is so low as to be nearly undetectable. This is the concept of ”spike” waves used
in radar and other military forms of communication.
Frequencies that act as voice-to-skull carriers are not single frequencies, as, for example TV or
cell phone channels. Each sensitive frequency is actually a range or ”band” of frequencies. A
technology used to reduce both interference and detection is called ”spread spectrum”. Spread
spectrum signals usually have the carrier frequency ”hop” around within a specified band.
Unless a receiver ”knows” this hop schedule in advance, like other forms of encryption there is
virtually no chance of receiving or detecting a coherent readable signal. Spectrum analyzers,
used for detection, are receivers with a screen. A spread spectrum signal received on a spectrum
analyzer appears as just more ”static” or noise.
The actual method of the first successful unclassified voice to skull experiment was in 1974, by
Dr. Joseph C. Sharp and Mark Grove, then at the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research. A
Frey-type audible pulse was transmitted every time the voice waveform passed down through the
zero axes, a technique easily duplicated by ham radio operators who build their own equipment.
The sensation is reported as a buzzing, clicking, or hissing which seems to originate within or
just behind the head. The phenomenon occurs with carrier densities as low as microwatts per
square centimeter with carrier frequencies from 0.3-3.0 GHz. By proper choice of pulse
characteristics, intelligent speech may be created.
Dr. James Lin of Wayne State University has written a book entitled: Microwave Auditory
Effects and Applications. It explores the possible mechanisms for the phenomenon, and
discusses possibilities for the deaf, as persons with certain types of hearing loss can still hear
pulsed microwaves (as tones or clicks and buzzes, if words aren’t modulated on). Lin mentions
the Sharp and Grove experiment and comments: ”The capability of communicating directly with
humans by pulsed microwaves is obviously not limited to the field of therapeutic medicine.”


7 thoughts on “Pulsed Microwave Technology – Voice to Skull or other Sounds to Skull was Discovered during World War II

  1. david frank salzl

    I have been under pulsed microwave surveillance for 5 1/2 years now. I live in Stearns,County,Minnesota,U.S.A. Some organized crime police officers have been interfering in my life 24/7, 365 days a year with this technology. It is extremely annoying. Does anyone know of any countermeasures?

    1. forbrighthonesteyesonly Inläggets författare

      Hi David,

      I’m sorry to hear about that you are being harassed!

      How did it start? With voices? Acoustic sounds? Body torture?

      It start to come more and more reports both from the US and Europe about those issues. I’m in Sweden now. When I was living in California the body-harassment/surveillance started in January 2003 and since then it has been ongoing 24/7.

      I think this is a New World Order plot! They are trying to implement technology to rule everything – even human beings – make them to their slaves!

      I wish I had the key for countermeasure … It’s some kind of electronic warfare – probably ruled by a computer-operator – using satellite equipment and (mobile phone-?) antennas to direct the beaming from. That’s my personal opinion.
      Search for courses in electronic warfare. Unfortunately, they are very expensive.

      Otherwise, I only know about protection as thinfoil.

      Maybe, you could try to move away from your present home without register your new address …?

  2. victim 23

    Solution to resistance:
    Purchase RF detector for bugs, Hidden Camera detector, Thermal detection, Microwave pulse detector, Thermal scattering plastic roll. Design walls with metal plating. Report constantly.

  3. M

    Watch the movie ”Control Factor” (2003) starring Adam Baldwin. All about Mind Control.

    I you can get the movie….

  4. (ó¿ó)

    Are you sure that you are being singled out? I think there are mind-control devices setup everywhere, mostly near population centres. I think that everyone is being subjected to this ”noise” or ”humming” whose location can’t seem to be identified, and only a few people can detect it.

    I hear ”humming” usually, when I do hear it. It happens usually at night, and I suddenly wake between 3 am and 4 am when I don’t use a ”white-noise” generator, and rarely when the generator is active but it does happen.

    The following few days after ”they” start-up again, it seems like everyone else’s minds are suppressed. On those days, chat rooms on the internet have noticably less swearing and rudeness, and chat rooms host people anywhere in the world. People driving down the street use their horns less and the overall mood of the city seems more passive. Generally everyone except me, I get irritable because I dislike being forced to wake up after 2-3 hours of sleep.

    So, I think that some of us are more sensitive to it, but everyone is exposed to it. This also helps to explain why other’s don’t notice it, and behave suppressed for a while after I hear it. I’m thinking that people don’t realize their being controlled. Some react negatively to it but most get suppressed.

    Any information about current control technologies will be limited and people may be unknowingly causing it and covering it up so there will be no evidence until someone that can detect it actually finds one of the devices.



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