Organized Crime Waves

Organized Crime Waves (OCW) is a public awareness activism group dedicated to exposing the government’s mind control programming experiments being conducted on unknowing and unwilling U.S. citizens, including infants and children, without their consent or knowledge, right now, today, in 2008, right here in the United States! This form of torture has spanned 5 decades. Mind control experiments, directed energy weapons ”testing” and chemtrails are targeting millions of victims in the U.S., more in North America, Europe and Australia.

In many cases the victim has little or no idea why they’re targeted. The harassment is persistent and unrelenting, occurring 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Most are targeted for the remainder of their lives. Some have been harassed for over 20 years! Many have died as a result, either by committing suicide or by illnesses brought on by directed energy weapons via a ”sudden death” occurrence assumed to be a natural death attributed to a heart attack or other traumatic incident.  

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Organized Crime Waves


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