Are THEY tampering with your mind??

Are THEY tampering with your mind??
– 9th Sep 2001

When Margaret Thatcher became Prime Minister of a right-wing Conservative
Government in 1979, she soon saw the power in recruiting MI5 to be her own
secret police. During the Miner's strike in the early eighties, Arthur
Scargill and his National Union of Miners nearly brought the Conservative
Government down, with their year long strike. Margaret Thatcher used MI5 to
spy on the miners and discredit Scargill. Leading police officers argued
against the use of MI5 on the civilian population, they were ignored or
replaced - if they proved too vociferous.

Margaret Thatcher was the first Prime Minister for many a year to sit in on
the Joint Intelligence Committee's meetings on a regular basis. Thatcher, as
a trained scientist, would have been well aware of the usefulness of
microwave weapons. They are impossible to detect unless you have a detector,
dissidents have no idea these weapons exist and best of all, they are totally
deniable. It may be that MI5 kept this research secret from Thatcher, but the
resources the UK has put into these fearsome, so-called non-lethal weapons,
is extensive. UK intelligence runs a fleet of microwave weapon carrying vans,
as well as portable microwave weapons that can be deployed near the
dissident's home. The vast expense can be disguised as communications
equipment, for as well all know, microwave telephone communication is all the
rage in our modern world. My research shows that the microwave telephone
network also has the potential to be used as a major mind control weapon
system to control the behaviour of the microwave phone users.

Developed under the Conservative government, which was in power from 79-97,
the UK secret, or black government, has at its disposal a fearsome array of
mind control weapons. These abhorrent devices are euphemistically called
non-lethal weapons by the UK military. In fact they kill you slowly be
causing nerve damage, cancers, mental collapse leading to suicides or tissue
failure such as heart attacks due to the cooking effect of the microwaves.

Precisely modulated microwave radiation is used to influence brain function.
Human behaviour and reactions can be entirely controlled by using pulse
modulated microwave EM radiation. Pulse modulated microwaves are useful as
the carrier for the mind control signals as they are able to pass through the
skull, which is rather resistant to low level EM. The massive number of
microwave antennae that dot the country, some of which are used for the
microwave phone network, all use pulse modulated microwaves, which makes
their use for a strategic mind control device against the civilian population
in times of trouble, or rioting, crucial to modifying the behaviour of the
general population. In modern democracies it is no longer viable to shot
rioters, or torture dissidents by normal means, as the bad publicity is self
defeating. Thus, microwave weapons have been developed by the UK's military
intelligence as they leave no marks, or gaping wounds. This pulse modulated
microwave carrier beam can then be used to carry signals. These signals are
extremely low frequency recordings of brain electrical potentials, which have
been recorded by neuro-medical researchers such as Dr Ross Adey's. Dr Ross
Adey's research at the Brain Research Institute of the University of
California, was funded by the CIA.

In their Pandora project a catalogue of different brain signals for specific
actions, emotions and pathological states of mind were recorded. It was found
that when microwaves were used to fire these signals at victims' brains, they
experienced the moods, behaviour, and the pathological states, carried by the
signals. This meant that by mimicking natural brain frequencies, the human
brain could be controlled remotely by use of extremely low frequency
broadcast carried by pulse modulated microwave beams (ELF pulse modulated
microwave remote mind control technology)It is now possible to broadcast mind
control commands directly into the brain by use of microwave beams. All that
is needed is a catalogue of every specific brain frequency for each - mood,
action and thought. These catalogues of excitation potentials are available
from Russian neuro-medical research institutes, so anyone with enough cash
can have the same technology at their disposal as UK military mind control
groups. (the psychological enforcement arm of MI5). The Aum sect bought
microwave weaponry via their 50,000 Russian converts.

Particular excitation potential, is then broadcast by pulse modulated
microwave transmitter. This pulse modulated microwave beam has the ELF
excitation potential frequency imprinted upon it. It was found that each
behavioural set in humans has a distinctive frequency. There was one for
anger, suicide, hysteria, trauma, serial killing, paranoia, lust, etc.
Intelligence operatives in the UK regularly park microwave transmitters
outside targets' houses and beam specific mood inducing excitation potentials
at the victims. To aid them they have sophisticated millimetre wave scanners
to look through the victims walls, so they can see the targets in their
homes. Pulse modulated microwaves are directed at their victims' brains,
while other people in their homes are oblivious of what is going on. A
leading conspiracy researcher, who looks into the GCHQ at Cheltenham, found
one of these vans with two spheres on its roof, parked in his road. He took
the number plate and through contacts checked who owned it. It was an MOD
van. Hopefully he has found the microwave weapon system before it has done
him too much harm.

These microwave weapons were developed allegedly at Marconi. When firing
microwave beams through walls at one target, every material in the way of the
beam attenuates or modifies the intensity and frequency of the beam. Since
precise frequencies and intensities are needed for mind control, very
sophisticated microwave arrays and computer programmes had to be developed so
that the microwave beam could be changed in response to the materials which
lay between the target and the weapon, as the victim moved around his house.
To do this, the reflectivity and refractivity of the materials had to be
analysed in real-time and fed to a computer which could change the microwave
array in concert with the changing environment between victim and weapon.
There also had to be an automatic interrupter if another person walked in
front of the beam. The victim needed to be driven mad or disabled, without
anyone else being aware that they were being targeted. The technology for
this was very complex but eventually it was perfected. Twenty-five or more
scientists and military personnel associated with the Marconi project then
died in mysterious circumstances. Intelligence regularly kill people to keep
them quite. Maybe intelligence personnel killed the entire research team to
keep such a diabolical weapon secret.For if it were made public the scandal
would bring down the government. Whatever the real story, by the mid to late
eighties, all the problems had been ironed out and these new smart microwave
weapons were deployed on the UK's streets. Northern Ireland would have proved
the perfect place to test them out. Pulse modulated microwave weapons had now
come of age. By this method, any mood or behavioural set, can be conditioned
into the target's brain. Intelligence agents keep a log of the victim's
behaviour to see if more intense 'treatment' is needed and as a guide for
future mind control projects.

Are they tampering with your mind??


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